Monday, April 16, 2007

A Quiet Café in Germany

I don’t look for enduring happiness in this world…only happy moments.

I am working this week in Frankfurt, Germany but have chosen to stay about 20 minutes west of Frankfurt (by train) in the city of Mainz. Mainz lies on the Rhine River and is dominated by the Cathedral “Dom” of St Martin, which is over 1000 years old.

I have been blessed with beautiful weather for this visit and the blossoms of spring are everywhere (it is sunny and 80˚F). They have an open–air market here on weekends and the streets are filled with shoppers and vendors; fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers are everywhere.

I spent the entire afternoon enjoying the activity and beauty of the town and found myself near the banks of the river early in the evening. The Germans must enjoy carnival rides as I see Ferris Wheels and Rollercoaster’s on the riverbanks of every town that I have been to…Mainz is no different. I stop at a sausage vendor and get a Bratwurst that is as long as my arm and a liter of beer.

I sit beside the river and watch the families riding the carnival rides and the teenagers sunning themselves along the banks of the Rhine. The sun feels great after the long winter…the food is wonderful….the sounds are happy sounds and the sights are good sights…

I remind myself that a life is just a collection of memories…and this is a very good one. We all seem to be chasing so many things; I hope we don’t forget to chase a good memory now and then. In other words, don’t forget to stop and smell the Beer!

Best! Norm.


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