Monday, April 30, 2007

A "Win" is a "Win"

Baseball season is here and during a brief respite between trips I managed to get a game in coaching my son’s team. Spring rains made the whole thing iffy and the fact that we got to play today was a blessing (and the result of a lot of work on the field, which looked like a swamp when everyone first arrived). I try not to tie too much to the outcome of these games; it’s not like any of this will really mean much in 5 years time, but today was a treat…

The team had 22 hits and 15 runs during the game and dominated through the entire line-up. This was what was best about the game; even the kids that normally stand at the plate with their knees shaking got hits today. It was those hits that meant the most to me! There’s always that small group of kids that find everything easy, that will end up as Prom Kings and Business Executives; for these kids, a little victory means nothing (and is expected). But the faces of the also-rans as they smacked the ball into the field and heard me yelling that they just scored us another run…this was worth everything!!!

The team Manager and I umpired a game after ours was over and then stopped at a Pub for a Burger and a few Beers. After a long day in the sun, the food and drink were great and we laughed and talked about how special the day had been for the boys….

I’m certainly not one of those who think of winning as everything. I’ve been lucky in life and if you tend to win a lot, you realize that it really means nothing at all. Still, to those for whom a win is a rare an elusive thing, these moments are like water in the desert! It was something to see kids that probably don’t smile too much smiling without reservation today and holding their heads up with pride. I guess winning once and a while is not such a bad thing after all.

Best! Norm.


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